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Fire Door FAQs

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Devon Fire Proof Doors Should the entrance door to my flat have a self-closer?
Yes. For the entrance of a flat it is important that the door is kept shut once you've passed through otherwise it would nullify the fire protection provided by the door. All fire resistant doors must have door closers, except the few exceptions of doors that are kept locked, including store cupboards or riser doors.
Devon Fire Proof Doors Can I have a roller bolt catch on a fire door?
A roller bolt catch can in fact prevent a door fully closing within the door frame, so can leave a gap between the door and frame for fire to spread through so roller bolt catches are not recommended. Please note that some latches, where the latch is withdrawn through the use of a turning handle, will be using a roller bolt rather than a bevelled bolt. If a roller bolt it utilised it is important that the opening mechanism can withstand the required temperatures (over 90 minutes at over 800 degrees Celsius, or over 900 degrees Celsius for steel doors).
Fire Door Specialists Devon My existing fire door has twisted due to a magnetic hold-open device. Why would this have occurred?
The incorrect installation of hold-open devices can lead to damage being inflicted on the door, which can cause it to twist. To ensure that any doors we install do not twist through the use of a magnetic hold-open device our experienced team are professionally trained to ensure a correct and efficient installation. The correct installation of your fire doors is vital as a door that does not correctly fit within the door frame can leave excessive gaps that can allow the passage of smoke or fire through the property.
Fire Door Specialists Devon Can the fire door be painted?
Yes. You will be able to paint, or in fact varnish, the door if you choose.
Fire Door Installation Devon How often do I need to legally check my fire doors?
Fire doors should be checked every six months. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 puts the legal responsibility of making sure that the fire safety devices are being maintained correctly in the hands of the person in control of the building. If you need more information, BS 9999 gives specific information about fire door inspections that must be held six-monthly.
Fire Proof Doors Devon Do fire doors need seals?
Seals are essential as it ensures that the gaps between the door and the frame are helping prevent the spread of the fire, smoke and heat. Seals can come in a range of colours to allow a seamless fit around the door where the smoke cannot pass through.
Fire Proof Doors Devon What is the difference between FD30, FD60 and FD120?
Fire doors come with a range of different ratings, such as FD30. An FD30 door will be able to offer fire protection for 30 minutes, whereas FD60 provides an hour of protection and FD120 provides two hours. It is important to note that the longer the fire protection will mean that the door will have a greater thickness so different frames would be required. If you want to find out more please give our team a call to discuss to greater detail.
Fire Proof Doors Devon Do fire doors need self-closers?
If a fire door is not shut in the event of a fire it would mean the door would not provide any protection therefore it is recommended that a self-closer is used unless the door is kept locked, such as store rooms.
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