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What is a fire door?
"A fire door is a very important method of passive fire protection. This is because they compartmentalise a building so that the risk of a fire spreading is significantly reduced. "

A fire door is a very important method of passive fire protection. This is because they compartmentalise a building so that the risk of a fire spreading is significantly reduced.

When a fire door comes into contact with intense heat such as the heat emitted from a fire, the door’s intumescent seal will expand up to 10 times its original size.

This means that it takes longer for fire to get passed the door (normally between 30 minutes and an hour) and reduces the amount of smoke that will get through as well.


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It is vital that fire doors are working correctly. To ensure that a building is as safe as possible from a fire, a fire risk assessment needs to be done once a year. A risk assessment includes checking whether fire doors will work to maximum efficiency and with maximum protection.

FDIS are one of the best agencies for fire risk assessments as well as checking that fire doors will be functioning to the best of their ability.

Do's and Dont's


  • Use third party certificated doors and parts
  • Buy fire doors from a certificated company
  • Make sure that the specifications of the door match up with the certification that it has
  • Make sure that the intended use of the door matches up with the certification
  • Make sure that fire doors are installed by a competent and qualified person as well as maintained


  • Fit the door like a normal door
  • Make changes such as cutting vision panels or other holes on site
  • Try to fix a fire door if you are not qualified to do so
  • Keep a fire door open for prolonged periods of time, they should only be open when someone is walking through them
At Door Care South West we are experts in the installation of fire doors and maintenance. Get in touch to seee how we can help you.


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